A Brief History of the Humble Taxi Cab

You’ve seen these yellow vehicles whizzing around on the roads since you could remember. Taking you from one destination to another, you could definitely depend on the taxi service to get you to your location with time to spare. But have you ever wondered why we’ve come to rely on this service so? What was … Read more

3 Taxi Myths Debunked

When it comes to myths regarding taxis, you can’t really pinpoint the most controversial ones.However, there are some misconceptions that cause confusion for passengers.So let’s focus on those, shall we! Myth#1: It’s not possible to predict exactly how much you’ll be charged On the contrary, most taxi drivers have set charges that they can tell … Read more

5 Ways to Benefit from Better Taxi Fares

Taxis are one of the most economically viable options to travel in and around the city. They typically charge a reasonable amount, considering the premium and customized services they offer.Here are a few ways that might help you benefit from lower taxi fares: 1. Research This is especially for when you book a taxi service. Different … Read more

Why Taxis Are Your Best Options for Road Trips

Taxi services are an increasingly popular option for road travel, mainly because of the convenience and economic feasibility they offer. You are probably accustomed to taking a taxi around town for work or your daily routine tasks, but have you ever considered using a taxi service for a road trip?Sure, you love your car and … Read more

5 Service Signs That Indicate a Taxi Service Overcharges

Taxis are one of the most economically viable options to travel in and around the city. They typically charge a reasonable amount considering the premium and customized services they offer. However, every once in a while, we experience or hear of a taxi driver trying to ask for higher fares. Here are some signs we’ve … Read more

5 Safety Tips While Using A Taxi

Hiring a taxi is one of the most convenient and fastest ways to get around the city. It is an option that gets you directly to your destination, without putting you through the hassle of waiting or changing buses.Whether you are hiring a taxi service in Fort Worth or in Scotland, you will find it … Read more

Why Does a Taxi Have To Be Yellow In Color?

You’ve probably hailed a taxi from the road hundreds of times. It isn’t quite difficult to spot one from miles away thanks to their bright yellow color. History of Taxis: Why Are Taxis Yellow? Maybe it’s the color that catches our eye, or maybe our eyes have gotten accustomed to looking for a blob of … Read more

4 Tips for Choosing the Best Taxi Company

With the taxi industry growing every day, the global taxi market is worth $108 billion. Hence, there are numerous taxi companies to choose from. That makes finding a taxi much easier today, but quantity does not always promise quality. Newer companies try to attract customers with discounts and marketing plans, but most people hesitate to … Read more


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