Famous Cars That Are Used For Taxi Services around the Globe

Whether you’re running errands or on your way to the airport, hiring a taxi would be your feasible and convenient option to get you around the city. Taxi drivers hence have a lot to be considerate of when choosing the kind of vehicle they want to drive.

Taxis must be cost efficient, first of all, in terms of fuel as well as maintenance. They should be comfortable for passengers, with enough leg space to allow them to relax during rush hours or longer drives. Also, the vehicles must have enough room in the trunks to accommodate any luggage the passengers might be carrying.

Although the points of consideration for choosing taxi vehicles may be the same around the globe, it is interesting to see the different cars used as taxi services in various countries.

World’s Most Popular/Loved Taxi Cars

New York’s Yellow Cabs

World famous yellow cabs of New York paint the town red with a V8 engine to keep it going. Although the spiraling fuel costs are soon replacing the Ford Crown Victoria taxis with more economically friendly Nissans.

London’s Hackney Carriages

These black cabs are officially called Hackney Carriages and are purpose-built taxicabs manufactured by the London Taxi Company. There is enough space in these cars for five passengers along with any luggage they might have.

Sleek Taxis of Munich

Since the original taximeter was invented by a German engineer in 1891, it’s safe to say that Germany plays a massive role in the history of taxis. Hence taxi services in Germany, and especially in capital city Munich, are known to impress passengers with their posh, cream colored Audis, BMWs and Mercedes Benz.

Mumbai’s Black and Yellow Taxis

Going strong since 1911, India’s signature black and yellow taxis are Fiats, locally known as Premier Padminis, now run on Compressed Natural Gas to save money on fuel.

VW Jettas of Shanghai

Shanghai’s taxi fleets are made up of neon colored Volkswagen Jettas, with their conventional Perspex screens ever ready to give the passengers quite an experience of a lifetime.

Black & Yellow Checker Taxi in Texas

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