5 Ways to Benefit from Better Taxi Fares

Taxis are one of the most economically viable options to travel in and around the city. They typically charge a reasonable amount, considering the premium and customized services they offer.
Here are a few ways that might help you benefit from lower taxi fares:

1. Research

This is especially for when you book a taxi service. Different companies have varying pricing structures, depending on the time, location, type of car and rush hours. Research and look for one with the most reasonable pricing structures.

2. Use metered taxis

Make sure that the taxi you’re using has a meter to calculate the fare. Unmetered taxis are usually not part of the system, making them less reliable. Also, not having a meter gives them the advantage of asking for a price they want to, even though it might be much higher than what you’d have to pay in a metered cab.
Furthermore, when you’re using a metered cab, make sure that it is functional when you get in. Sometimes the driver takes advantage and asks for a higher fare if the meter isn’t working, so always make sure it’s on and taking.

3. Avoid rush hours

Peak hours always mean having to sit through heavy traffic, which incurs waiting charges that can be as high as $30 per hour in the U.S. You could avoid this additional cost by choosing to travel when the traffic is likely to be less than that in rush hours.

4. Know your routes

Sometimes, taxi drivers might take longer routes to keep the ride going on for longer, which could make it cost more than usual. Always make sure you know the shortest and quickest route to your destination and be attentive during the ride to make sure the drive isn’t any longer than it has to be. It would help to have a map installed on your smart phone that could help you navigate.

5. Hail in the right direction

If you hail a taxi that is already going in the direction that leads to your destination, the fare would be lower as compared to getting on a cab that was initially going in the opposite direction as it would have to take a turn and go back where it came from. Similarly, even when you’re getting off at your specified location, you could choose to get off across the road and cross the pedestrian if it might save a few bucks. This might require you to walk a little, but it’ll be worth it.
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