Travel Safety Tips for Women

Let’s give due credit to women who decide to travel alone and brave the feat of handling all that comes their way single-handedly – or rather without a man’s support.
It is in scenarios like these that assumptive misogyny and radical feminism heat debate forums. While one side argues about the perils of a woman travelling alone in a foreign land (or even native for that matter) the other defends the ability of the female species to do so as well as their male counterparts.
Female travelers between the ages of 25 and 39 made up 63% of 10,000 US passengers travelling with Intrepid Travels during 2012. These statistics not only show a surge of female travelers with the turn of the century but also greater confidence in the female population for doing so without any inhibitions.
However the success of women beating forces of stereotypes, sexism and misogyny is undeniable and it does not harm to stay prepared for whatever unforeseen eventualities might happen.
Here are a few tips to women who dare to travel independently, to help them brave future endeavors.

Safety Gear

Heard about women carrying pepper sprays, Swiss knives or other safety material to use in case of an emergency?

That is not all folktales; there is a lot of truth to it! A helpless, unaided woman is an easy target to prey. Be a stronger woman who is also a challenge for creeps out there!
Some safety tools to help you stay on top of your game – and also your solo trip – include:

  • Pepper Spray
  • Foldable Knives
  • Heavy Metal Equipment
  • Adhesive Glue

It will also help if you have emergency contacts on your speed dial so that in case you encounter a problem, you can contact them immediately. It is also advised to keep someone you trust updated about your whereabouts so that in case of loss of contact, it is possible to track you down.
These accessories will not only keep you packed and ready for any unwanted incident, but also make your trip care-free and more liberating.


When picking out a hotel or a guesthouse to spend the night during a vacation, it is wise to spend a few more dollars on reserving a place in the central area of the town or a renowned place.
Booking a place in a shady neighborhood for cheap may leave some safety precautions unchecked. It is also advised to look for a place which has a round the clock customer care service so you can call them up at any time of the day.


When going into unchartered territories, make sure to keep a map and a running GPS service with you at all times! Spend time planning a set of places you want to visit and mark the routes to those places in highlighted ink. Marking and color coding your map will make it handy and easy for use.
This is not only a good tip to navigate best in foreign countries but will also help you ward off strangers trying to con you by offering false information to lead you elsewhere.

Reserve Private Information

This is as important and common as the rule of thumb for women travelling alone. Never reveal private information to strangers during random conversations at foreign places. You can be asked such questions by authorized people but even with them make sure to double-check their name and designation before answering their questions.

In case you shy away from refusing people needlessly, keep faux information about your place of stay and origins to tell nosy strangers who show more-than-necessary interest in your whereabouts.
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