Taxi Etiquettes 101: Guide to a Smooth Taxi Ride

Driving a taxi in one of the metropolises of the US is back-breaking work. Taxi drivers try their best to ensure that their passengers are comfortable and get to their destination on time. In fact, their jobs depend on it.
In return, it’s every passenger’s duty to observe some etiquette. Cooperation from both the driver and the passenger is key to a smooth ride. Here are a few dos and don’ts of riding in a taxi.

Don’t Backseat Drive

Imagine going to work and a person sits behind you all day contradicting your every move and telling you how you should work. You’ll probably lose your mind in a few minutes. This is what some passengers do to taxi drivers. Don’t be one of those passengers.
Try considering the fact that taxi drivers are experienced professionals who know how to do their job better than you.

Don’t Ask the Driver to Break the Law

If you’re running late, it’s not the driver’s fault. Don’t encourage or force the driver to speed, ignore stop signs or run lights in order to get you to your destination fast. Remember, passengers do not have to face the consequences if a taxi is caught breaking traffic laws.

Keep the PDA in check

Keep a check on behavior that can distract the driver or make them feel uncomfortable. Try putting yourself in the driver’s shoes. Would you like it if someone comes into your office while you work, and starts making out in front of you? So to avoid embarrassing yourself or the driver, reserve your PDA for places that are a bit more private than a taxi.

Refrain From Eating inside Taxis

Would you feel comfortable if you sat in a car that was full of food crumbs, wrappers and upholstery stains? Be considerate enough to take your trash with you when you get off from the taxi so the driver and the passengers who come after you can have a pleasant ride.

Leave a Tip

If you like the service in a restaurant you leave a tip for the waiter, right? Well, the same applies to a taxi. If your taxi is clean and comfortable and the driver gets you to your destination on time, a tip to reward his work is good encouragement for him. Tip a little extra if your taxi driver helps you with luggage.
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