The Best Restaurants To Visit In Hillsboro, TX

Some people visit different cities over the world for sightseeing. Others do it to fan the flames of thrill-seeking. But if you’re a foodie at heart, Hillsboro will not disappoint!
Home to a population of 8425 people, this city offers some of the most scrumptious treats to visitors and locals alike. From rustic pasta shops to vintage burger joints, Hillsboro has an array of savory restaurants waiting to be discovered!
Craving for some Texan food? These restaurants will leave you wanting more!

Savor Homemade Goodness at A Tiskit – A Taskit

If you’re visiting Hillsboro, there’s no way you’ll want to skip out on A Tiskit – A Taskit’s homemade food. Unique just like its name, this restaurant sits nestled in the historic courthouse square of the city.
From juicy burgers to creamy ice creams, the carefully crafted menu’s bound to leave you hungry for more. But that’s not all! To add to a dining experience, A Tiskit – A Taskit houses unique antique attractions that add to the ambiance. Don’t forget to marvel at the trinkets dating back to the 50s, as you chomp down on a juicy cheeseburger!

Taste Divine Treats at Frenkie’s Pasta & Pizza

If you’re looking for a restaurant recommended by the locals, then Frenkie’s Pasta & Pizza is a local favorite. Sheltered from the chaos of the busy interstate, this restaurant sits on the breathtaking Hillsboro Town Square. Here you get to treat your palate to authentic and homemade ingredients in a peaceful ambiance.

Whether you’re craving for pizza that melts in your mouth or perfectly hand-cut pasta, Frenkie’s Pasta & Pizza won’t let you down. Don’t be too surprised though, if you’re unable to stop yourself from taking one bite after the other!

Relish the Palatable Cuisine at the Schlotzsky’s

What’s a trip to Hillsboro without trying some of the most authentic baked sandwiches in the city? If you’re craving for some true Hillsboro styled food, then don’t forget to visit the Schlotzsky’s! Baking their signature bread, this restaurant has been running the show since the 70s from the South Congress Ave. Here you get the option to choose from a variety of flatbreads, sandwiches, gourmet soups and pizzas. Visit this restaurant on an empty stomach because these guys craft the most savory treats for your taste buds!

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