Plan Your Weekend Getaway In Texas

Our busy schedules every day and the bustle of city life don’t allow us to relax. Stress levels shoot up and we need that getaway to rejuvenate our bodies and souls. Texas has great options for retreating and relaxing. Among domestic tourists, 70% travel to Texas to relax. There are many destinations across Texas that you can head over to.

Big Bend National Park

It’s located in utter seclusion in the west of Texas is a great place to detoxify. If you’re the outdoorsy kind, you can camp out in the Big Bend. If not, you can retreat to a ranch nearby where you can retire after the tiring yet adventurous day. You can make that 38-mile-journey to the park very easily using a taxi service of your choice.

Cypress Valley

You could go stay in a luxurious tree house in Cypress Valley and enjoy the natural beauty of those lush, green hilly areas as well as the wonderful décor of the cottages.

Padre National Seashore

The North Padre Island is an undeveloped island that extends 70 miles and is filled with wildlife and calmness associated with natural beauty. You could stay in a cottage nearby and get a taxi down to the beach to enjoy a day in the sun. You could even observe the Texan wildlife without feeling the need to document it on Instagram.

Palo Duro Canyon State Park

This is Texas’s most awe-inspiring national wonder and is situated in the Texas Panhandle. You could come here to unplug and enjoy and stay in one of the three cabins on the edge of this park.

Possum Kingdom Lake

You could come to this lake in Graford, Texas and enjoy a weekend filled with water activities including swimming, water skiing, kayaking, etc. You will find very comfy resorts here to spend your nights as well.

Balcones Canyonlands Preserve

There is a spa located near Austin which can be reached through any reliable taxi service. It’s very close to the Balcones Canyonlands Wildlife Preserve which isolates it from the rest of the world. It’ll be an ideal place for you to relax those tense joints and detoxify.


This is also an ideal place to rewind. You can find activities like yoga here for women as well as chocolate and wine tastings. You could even book a private wooden lodge and stay here for the weekend and relax.

Glen Rose

There is a lodge here where you can indulge in activities like shooting, rock climbing and fishing where you’d get that adrenaline rushing through your veins so much that you’d leave behind the stresses of daily life.
All this is much more relaxing than it sounds. All you need to do is call our taxi at 817-676-3702 and hurry away to any of these places todetoxify!


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