Must-Visit Annual Events in Dallas, TX

If you’re living in Dallas, there’s no way you can miss out on the annual events that are the highlight of 2019.
If there’s any city in Texas with historical significance that matches its glorious natural beauty bestowed, it’s Dallas. The city and its annual events are replete with occasions that celebrate prominent historic personalities, commemorate natural blessings, and appreciate art and art forms.
It won’t suffice to just mark these events on your calendar. It’s also important to be all set for the event with a cleared schedule and a ride to drop you. For all transportation needs, our cabs are available at your service.
Here are all the events to look out for!

Dallas Blooms

If you’re charmed by the floral beauty of nature, you wouldn’t want to miss the Dallas Blooms for anything. This is by far the biggest flower festival in the Southwest situated in the Dallas Arboretum. The garden is a treat to watch with more than 500,000 blooms welcoming you. From tulips to pansies, there are numerous species of flora blossoming in the spring season of Dallas. Mark your calendars and keep the end of February and beginning of April free for this floral feast.

Dallas International Film Festival

A bit of glitz and glamour once in a while is important to spice up your life every year! If you’re up for week-long festivities with the silver screen stars and renowned filmmakers, Dallas International Film Festival is the place to be. Starting from April 11 and till April 18, these dates surely are hard to miss if you’re in Dallas. Movie buffs and film lovers can enjoy the largest film festival in Texas by booking a ride with us for a comfortable commute.

Deep Ellum Arts Festival

April 5 till 7 are the dates that’ll bring your world to life with live music and electric art booths. Deep Ellum Arts Festival is the time when Dallas lives up to its fullest bohemian potential, celebrating diversity and reviving free-spirited entertainment. This is a 3-day event that will be observed along all the main streets in the city. The neighborhood will be full of musical platforms and art booths at different corners of the streets. If you’re visiting Dallas for the first time, this event should be top of your list!

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