Left Something In A Taxi Cab? Don’t Panic!

It is not uncommon to come across instances when a passenger forgets some of their belongings in a cab. These things can include accessories, study material and other belongings that most likely had to be held instead of kept in a bag which was worn.
The greater the likelihood of holding something in your hand, the greater are chances of forgetting them wherever you have last been. This is because you might keep them for a second beside you on the seat to pick a call or type a text message and forget to pick them up on your way out.
Here is a list of things that people often tend to forget in cabs:

  • Files
  • Cell phones
  • Laptop bags
  • Makeup
  • Study material
  • Sun glasses
  • ID cards
  • Wallets

With a common trend among Americans to spend two and a half days in a year searching for misplaced goods, it is no surprise that they even forget the most essential things in the cabs.
Here is what to do if you forget important belongings in a cab.
Contact The Cab Driver
The easiest and the quickest way to restore your lost items is to call the driver who you travelled with in the cab. It is quite likely that if you realize what you have lost immediately after getting out of the cab, you can get in touch with the driver sooner and retrieve your lost items. The longer it takes for you to find out what is missing, the greater search it requires.
If you don’t have their contact information, try to recall as much as you can about the car’s registration number, driver’s name and vehicle’s color and model to inform authorities.
In case of losing official documents like your state ID card, driver’s license, or social security immediately report their losses to the authorities. This is a crucial measure when it comes to protecting your security.
Get all your credit or debit cards blocked. Make sure important personal information and documents are deleted from your phone in case you have lost that. Losing a phone can be luckier than losing other items since some phones, like iPhone, have in-built features which help them get located.
Contact The Service Provider
If you do not retrieve your lost belongings in a short while, directly inform the company whose cab you had booked for your ride. Service providers have a customer care department which caters to all such needs.
Giving them details of what you remember of the cab driver and vehicle can help them trace the car and retrieve your items.
Local Information Authority
Local information authority has established systems to track down cabs and retrieve lost items. Using a GPS tracker, they might be able to locate where the cab and your belongings are at the moment. Look for the nearest authority and report the case to them.
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