How to Differentiate between a Cab Service and an Owner-Operated One?

Imagine leaving a large event, such as a Twins game or a concert, and walking up to a lineup of cabs that are waiting outside. How can you tell if the taxi you’re getting into is a member of a legitimate taxi company as opposed to an independently run taxi, sometimes known as a “gypsy cab”? Here’s how to tell the two apart and why you should stay away from owner-operated taxis and look for taxi service in my area.

Definition of Owner-Owned Cabs

An “owner-operator” is a small business owner who often also oversees the day-to-day operations of the enterprise. A small-scale “taxi service” with just one driver is simply referred to as an independent/owner-operated taxi.


How Can You Spot These Kinds of Cabs?

Owner-operated taxis may not have a logo on the outside of their car, and the term may either be general like “taxi service” or specific like “Bob’s taxi.” The absence of a meter and/or two-way radio within the cab is a dead giveaway. A fair rule of thumb is to assume that a taxi is owner-operated if it doesn’t appear like any other taxis you’ve seen around town. Knowing how to identify cabs from reputable taxi services is maybe the greatest approach to identify owner-operated taxis. Look for the familiar Airport Taxi and Yellow Cab that make up the professional cab service company if you want to be certain you’re working with a legitimate taxi service.

Reasons to Avoid Drivers that are Self-Employed

●    If you have a problem, your only option is to speak with the owner directly, who is probably the root of your problem as there are no complaints or customer support department.

●    You cannot track your ride or book it online. Forget about making reservations in advance and using any of the other helpful features a reputable taxi company may provide.

●No pricing guarantees, though An owner-operated cab is not always guaranteed to offer transparent, consistent prices with fair and trustworthy pricing like professional taxi services do.

●    You have no idea if this individual is even licensed to drive a cab until you get in the car and look around for some form of posted paperwork, so you have no way of knowing if their service is legal.

Your safety and peace of mind should be your primary considerations when choosing a taxi or airport taxi service, not price. There are many trustworthy owner-operated taxis, but for your own protection, it is advisable to be sure the company you are dealing with is reliable and respected. To stay safe and have an enjoyable ride, get in touch with Texas Yellow Cab & Checker Taxi Service.


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