Here’s a Tip: How to Tip Your Cab Driver

Travelling can be exhausting sometimes, especially when you’re commuting to work. But one of the most stressful things to deal with is, not knowing how much to tip your cab driver.

For those who don’t travel using cab services regularly, it can be a bit difficult understanding how the tipping system works.

That’s why, this blog is created to help you get a better understanding, and travel without any stress involved. Here’s what you should know:

How to Tip Your Cab Driver

Give Them a Tip If They Deserve It

The first thing you need to understand is that you should never give tips for a bad service. Ever.
If you got a great ride, then that’s awesome! If your driver was good and helpful, that’s awesome! If your ride was stress-free, comfortable, and you found the service to be professional, that’s when you give the driver a tip.

Follow One Rule: 10 Percent or Not At All

The rule of the thumb is that you should tip your driver 10 percent and not less than that. If you’re feeling generous, by all means, add in a few more bucks.
But remember that the standard for tipping is 10 percent. If you feel that’s too much, don’t tip at all.
However, if your fare is $10 then don’t tip the driver. A 50 cent tip is not appropriate to give to your driver.

Tip More if They Do Extra Things For You

If your driver helps you carry or take out your luggage, give them a tip. They’re not technically responsible for your things so if they do help out, it’s good to show appreciation through a tip.
If they help you unload your luggage at the airport, take you an extra mile, or offer an overall pleasurable experience, you can provide them with a 20 percent tip.

Don’t Ask For Change

If your total fare is 15.53, for example, don’t ask for change. Jut round it off to the nearest dollar. Furthermore, most drivers don’t carry change with them so it’s better to round it off to the nearest dollar and save yourself some hassle!

Pay Attention to Where You’re Going

It’s important to pay attention to where your driver is taking you. If your driver doesn’t know the routes properly and the ride isn’t comfortable, don’t feel the need to give a proper tip. A good driver will know the routes and all the surrounding areas by heart. Texas Yellow & Checker Taxi is one such taxi service! We provide reliable transport and an excellent yellow cab service in Arlington, Fort Worth and throughout various regions of Texas. So what are you waiting for? Book a taxi with us today!


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