The Most Awkward And Cringe-Worthy Travel Situations We’ve All Faced

Perhaps you’ve never been hit by an elderly woman with a purse at an airport, nor had a child vomit on your suitcase. But one thing that’s certain is that we’ve all been in some embarrassing, cringe-worthy travel situations.
From the airport to the bus stop, it doesn’t matter. Murphy’s Law will creep up and sneak its way into your life.
With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most cringe-worthy, awkward travel moments we’ve all faced. Which one of these makes you wish the ground would swallow you up?

That’s a Realistic-Looking Mannequin…

…Except it’s not a mannequin but a staff member of the store you’re shopping at. They’re standing still, thinking about something. You avoid eye contact and try to move away from them.
It’s okay, it’s alright. The only people knowing about your Elvis impersonation is the staff manager. Probably.

Excuse Your French

The menu at one of the local restaurants is in French. You took lessons on Duolingo. You’ve got this! You can do it! Bonne chance!
So you try to pronounce the words, tryin’ to impress your friends and that cute person you’ve had a crush on for some time.
Except the waiter is French and you’re not going to live this down. Prepare to live the next 3 years of your life becoming a living meme.

Putting Sunscreen on Your Back

It’s time to hit the beach! You’re enjoying every bit of it and you’ve applied sunscreen all over your legs and arms. But…wait.
What happened to your back? Why does it itch and burn? Well, you forgot to put sunscreen on and now you’re waddling around the beach like a penguin without glaciers.

The Taxi Driver Who Plays Need for Speed

He’s got this! You know he’s got this! You just have to hold on…to dear life.
There’s always that one taxi driver that overcharges everything and loves to speed. Have to travel with a lot of luggage but the hotel is 15 minutes away? He’ll make sure to remind you of how bad the (non-existent) traffic is, and how fuel prices have gone up.
Don’t be a prey to such services or awkward experiences.
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