6 Ideas For Dates Which Would Keep You On Their Minds

Just a walk along the winding River Walk of San Antonio and you’re plunged into a world filled with peace with its tall cypress canopies, the river and the ambiance created by those lights. The smell wafting from those fajitas makes your mouth water and immersed in that calm, you can enjoy the perfect romantic getaway with your significant other.
If that sounds enticing to you, then some of these other spots will blow your mind. Your date will definitely be giving you a call after you take her to these places.

Take a Tour Of A Vineyard

Texas is known as the second largest viticultural area in the States and produces premium quality grapes for its wines. Exploit that by taking your date to some of the most beautiful vineyards of the country. You can have wine-tastings and enjoy an evening stroll with that buzz, hand-in-hand, amidst the lush greens.

Have Their Sweet Tooth Satisfied

Texas is home to the Blue Bell Creamery which has been satisfying our dessert cravings for over 100 years. Take your date there and indulge them with sweet treats from the best. It is just a quarter of an hour away from the airport and will really stand up to its name if you’re aiming to impress. You can easily take a taxi down there.

Plan a Hike

You could take your date on a hike across the Palo Duro Canyon State Park. Sharing that view with someone special can make the event very memorable and keep you on their minds even after it’s over.

Watch the Sun Rise or Set Together

Regardless of where you’re located in Texas, the fact that you’re in it means that you will get to witness some of the most beautiful views of dawn and dusk. You could make it even more breathtaking by having your significant other by your side.

Take a Stroll through Dallas Arboretum

This tunnel of love serves as a gateway into a 66-acre vast area of themed gardens. Each is an adventure unto itself with its rich history and flora. It invokes a calm feeling that’s rarely found in the city life and would make your date appreciate you even more!

Immerse Yourselves into Nature

If natural beauty is what you’re looking for, you could go to the Texas Hill County. Its lush forests, creeks and rocky wonders are a treat for the soul. You could keep it low-key by just doing a barbecue or spend time kayaking together on the Medina River.
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