Should You Tip Your Taxi Driver?

Should you tip your cab driver?
This is a question most clients struggle with. The answer depends on the type of service you receive. But generally, it’s good etiquette to tip for services you’re satisfied with.
For those who don’t travel using taxi services, it can be difficult understanding how much you should tip or driver, or whether you should at all.
Let’s take into consideration situations when tipping is required:

Quick, Reliable Services

The driver arrived within minutes of booking. Not only that, they were extremely cooperative and let you know when they will be arriving.
In addition, they knew all the shortcuts. You didn’t need to guide them and they got you to your destination on time.
If this is the case, tipping is required. The rule of tipping is to provide your driver with 10 percent of the total bill. But in some cases, depending on the dare, you don’t need to tip them.
Let’s say, for example, your total bill is $10. Tipping them 50 cents is considered disrespectful. In such cases, don’t tip at all or give them $10.

Courteous Drivers

You don’t like drivers who strike up a conversation. Fair enough. You have every right to tip them based on that.
However, if the driver keeps to themselves and are courteous, you can also tip them based on that alone.
Remember that the point of taxi services is to provide you with comfortable and stress-free rides.

How to Give a Tip

Sometimes, it can be confusing when you don’t know how to tip the driver. Here’s what you should take into consideration:

Tip Them if They Do Extra Things

Let’s say you’re going to a hotel and they help you with your luggage, you should give them a generous tip. As your taxi driver, they’re only required to drop you off safely to your destination.
But if they do extra things for you, a tip is a generous way to thank them for their help!

Don’t Ask for Change

If your total fare is $20.53, don’t ask for change. Most drivers don’t carry change. Along with the tip, let them keep the rest of the money.
You can also tip them using your credit/debit card.
Now you know what to expect and what to do when it comes to giving tips.
When you are booking a service, you can choose from a range of vehicles. Therefore, you can pick the best vehicles at great rates.
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