Passenger Rights – A Reminder For Taxicab Users

Besides ensuring that your journey is comfortable, secure and safe, taxi services owe you more than just that. They are required to facilitate your every need and make sure that you reach your destination on time.
While passengers are required to follow a few etiquettes when booking a ride, they too have rights of their own. Every driver needs to make sure that they not crossing the limits or making their passengers feel uncomfortable in any way.
Here are a few passenger rights to keep in mind before booking your next ride:

An Accredited and Licensed Driver

Depending on the state, your driver must have Driver Accreditation. But every state requires drivers to have a license.
Don’t go for a taxi service that does not hire licensed and experienced drivers. You don’t want to risk your life sitting in a vehicle when the driver doesn’t know the routes and isn’t trained to take safety measures.

Their Choice of a Preferred Route

The driver isn’t allowed to argue over which route should be taken if the passenger feels comfortable taking a certain route. If the passenger does not specify their desired route then the driver has to take the most practicable and direct route.

Permission to View the Fare Meter

In case you feel the fare isn’t fair and there’s something suspicious going on, you have every right to view the fare meter.
If the driver refuses and starts an argument, you have the right to report them. But in such cases, make sure to contact the taxi service right after you leave, to avoid escalation.
However, remember that in addition to the fare, some services also charge tolls. If this is the case, your taxi driver should let you know.

Air Conditioning

As the passenger, you have every right to ask for an air-conditioned car. You have the right to ask the driver to switch off the air conditioning or turn it on.
Every car must have a working air conditioner but drivers are not allowed to set the temperature to uncomfortable levels that can lead to problems providing you with a comfortable journey.

No Music

Some taxi drivers put on music for their passengers or start a conversation to make them feel comfortable.
However, if that’s not something you like, you have the right to ask your driver to switch off the radio, or advise them to drive without any conversations.

Therapy Animals

Therapy animals and guide dogs for those who are disabled or struggle with mental health issues must be accommodated—provided they are in a carriage.
However, drivers have the right to refuse animals that are not kept for service.
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