Dos and Don’ts For A Safe Taxi Ride

We all have nightmares about getting into an awkward and embarrassing situation. Whether it’s tripping in a public place, or dealing with a cringey taxi ride, we’ve all, at some point, been in a situation where we wished the ground would swallow us.
But when it comes to taxi rides, safe and comfortable is the way it should be!
If you’re planning a weekend solo trip, here’s how you can ensure your ride is comfortable and safe:

The Dos

Get Details of the Vehicle

After you’ve booked the ride, make sure to get details of the vehicle. The model, make, color, number plate, and driver’s name—all of these are important.
Also, this will help you identify the car without any problems, especially if the car is parked at a distance, or in a parking lot.

Provide Route Info in Advance

Call the driver and let them know you want to go to a specific location. Never get into a vehicle if the driver does not want to listen to you. If he or she refuses to listen to the specific directions for the route you want to take, cancel the ride.
Some taxi drivers purposely take long routes so that they can make more fare. Unless there’s traffic or construction going on, don’t settle for a driver that insists on taking an alternative route.

Keep Change

Your driver may have given a ride to several passengers but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep change.
Keeping change will save you from a hassle stopping at a store to get change. The more the taxi driver has to wait, the taximeter charges more fare.
Secondly, if the change can be rounded off to the nearest number, then go ahead. It’s better than spending time looking for a nickel.

The Don’ts

Don’t Engage With a Rude Driver

Don’t engage with a rude driver. If the driver is driving rashly or speeding, take a deep breath, calm down, and then ask to be dropped off at a public area.
Simply get out of the car once it stops, pay the fare, and report the driver.

Don’t Blame the Driver for Traffic

Don’t blame the driver when you get stuck in traffic. They have no control over the situation.
When looking for a reliable taxi service, make sure to go for one that is professional and offers licensed, experienced, and courteous drivers.
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